Protecting Your Business Deals

Merger & Acquisition Insurance

Reps and warranties in mergers and acquisitions are a seller’s promises to you about the business being sold. If those promises turn out to be inaccurate, you need a protection plan in place to recover any damages.

Britton Gallagher’s team partners with clients involved in M&A activity to ensure that they realize the best possible value. Our team helps deliver specific insurance solutions that help the parties to the deal cope with representations and warranties made in the purchase and sale agreements. The key concerns Reps & Warranty coverage addresses are:

  • Violations of representations and warranties
  • Tax claims
  • Litigation
  • Environmental liabilities

Britton Gallagher’s transactional liability insurance gives clients robust support during complicated merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions and the experience of a trusted team that is focused on facilitating a seamless, risk-minimized transaction.