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Risk Management & Insurance Solutions

Insurance is more than a policy. It represents everything of value you want to protect in the event disaster strikes your business or personal life. Identifying where or what those potential disasters are takes an experienced risk advisor who works with you to mitigate your exposures and ensures you have a comprehensive insurance and risk management program in place.

As a privately held, Cleveland-based insurance broker and benefits consultant, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional service to our clients. We believe your risk mitigation plan should go beyond the transaction of issuing an insurance policy for one that includes a trusted risk advisor who can effectively manage your business and personal exposures.

Operating with over 70 years of risk and benefits consulting experience, Britton Gallagher looks for businesses and individuals interested in long-term risk management relationships and has an appreciation for quality client service. We continue to evaluate our clients' risk exposures long after their renewal dates to identify, analyze and provide solutions where risks have decreased and where changes in the marketplace have generated new threats.

Commercial, Personal or Specialty Market Insurance

Britton Gallagher has a long history of providing comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions to a wide span of clients and industries. The world changes at a break-neck pace, and with that, new and different exposures are created. We are constantly inspired to push for new, innovative and emerging opportunities to better serve the liability needs of businesses and individuals.

Our service-based client model has established Britton Gallagher as a leader in commercial and personal insurance and as a pioneer in the development of program solutions for niche markets such as employee benefits, pyrotechnics, life sciences, professional athletes and entertainers and executive risk management.

We have developed strong relationships with carrier partners that are among some of the most experienced and innovative in the marketplace today; providing our clients with even the most complex coverage situation and access to competitive risk solutions.

At Britton Gallagher, we are more than just an insurance broker and benefits consulting firm. We are your expert risk advisor team poised to help develop solutions for you.

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