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The infrastructure management market faces a slew of obstacles from environmental concerns to the reshaping of the market at-large. Roads, airports and seaports are recognizing that a customer-centric strategy is the ticket to sustainability. Britton Gallagher recognizes the specific concerns facing this industry. Our leadership is personally vested in these areas of transportation. We work closely within clients’ organizations to guide them toward insurance solutions that will help them emerge as competitive players in a market of aggressive change.

Analyzing infrastructure to mitigate risk. A sound strategy is critical for staying competitive, boosting operating efficiency and driving new business growth. Britton Gallagher partners with clients to assist with internal re-organizations that improve the risk picture, and we tailor programs that meet clients’ goals.

Steering through logistics challenges. Logistics in the air, marine and roadway freight industries have historically been fragmented and dependent on materials demand. GDP growth drives this industry. Britton Gallagher works with companies across the logistics value chain to navigate today’s challenges, anticipate future challenges and develop winning risk management strategies.

Our niche, your advantage. Britton Gallagher’s expertise includes: liner services; logistics; deep sea petroleum transportation; and petroleum transportation, distribution and sales.