NCCA Employee Benefits Program for Child Care Centers!

The National Child Care Association & Child Care Insurance Professionals at Britton Gallagher have teamed up to bring you a low-cost, high quality, no hassle voluntary benefits program for you and your employees. If you are an NCAA child care center, day care center, Montessori school, Head Start program or preschool member, you are eligible for this exclusive program. Not a member? Visit NCCA for all of their membership benefits.


Telemed – Avoid frivolous doctors visits and unwarranted Urgent Care and ER visits! Get 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video consultations with the ability to have prescriptions called in to your local pharmacy. Click here to learn more about Telemedicine

Accident – Individual/Family protection for accidents that happen. Choose a plan that gives each family member a pool of money to use for injuries, fractures, stitches and more.

Life Insurance – Add extra term life insurance to protect your family from a sudden or unexpected death.

Disability – Protect your paycheck against injury or sickness causing missed work time and have money to keep up with your bills! This short term disability plan even covers maternity leave.

Limited Medical – This plan is great for those that just want a low cost catastrophic policy to help cover expenses incurred through hospital stays, medical expenses, doctor visits and more.

Individual Health Exchange Health Insurance – This program provides the opportunity to access a government exchange that will display the best value for plans in your area.

Employees will have the opportunity to select the above benefits off an online menu. These benefits are designed to play a major role in helping to recruit qualified candidates and retain key employees as it makes your center stand out above and beyond any other non-member center in your area!

Each center will have ONE chance for a 30-day employee open enrollment.

ALL policies are GUARANTEED to be issued no matter the health condition of the employee if they sign up during their applicable open enrollment period. Once your state’s open enrollment is closed, only new hires will be able to enroll in the benefits (until the following year’s open enrollment period).


If your center participates in the benefits program by allowing your employees the opportunity to elect their chosen payroll deducted benefits, you will have the opportunity to share in a fundraising program that will pay your center a quarterly check to help buy new equipment and/or supplies! The fundraiser gives you the chance to offer the families and friends of your center access to this exciting new Telemedicine product.

Click here to learn more about the Telemedicine fundraiser to benefit your child care center.

Click here for a story done by ABC TV on May 19th regarding Telemedicine

For more information on any of the above programs and products, please contact our Britton Gallagher team:
Toll Free: 1-844-TELE-DOC