Insurance Solutions for Professional Athletes & Entertainers

The client consultants in the Professional Athletes and Entertainers division work closely with sports agents, lawyers, financial advisors, accountants and business managers to ensure your clients have the proper insurance protection for their unique exposures due to their profiles and professions.

We work primarily with professional athletes, entertainers, directors, TV and movie producers, spokesmodels, screen writers, franchise owners, front office personnel and coaches, which allows us to dedicate our time to their unique schedules and liability exposures.

We work closely with the advisor and client to provide a complete personal and commercial insurance review. We not only provide a simplified insurance program for each of our clients’ homes, automobiles, jewelry, watercraft and umbrella coverages, we also cover their exposures outside of their personal insurance program.

Liability Exposures for Professional Athletes & Entertainers

There are significant liability exposures for our clients’ personal appearances, special events, birthday parties, commercial ventures, Foundations, Shell Corporations, LLCs, singing and promotional tours, television and movie productions, musical instruments, golf tournaments, life and disability coverage, basketball, baseball, hockey and football camps, websites and charity outings. Unfortunately, many professional athletes and entertainers, along with their advisors, are unaware there are liability exposures with each of these.

Our clients and their advisors have full access to their client consultants to ask questions or claims at any time, including evenings and weekends. Our unique service model is specifically designed to simplify our clients’ entire risk management and insurance program.