Enhance Your Employee Benefits without Increased Costs

Voluntary Benefit Solutions

With the rising cost of health care and challenging business landscape, many employers face tough decisions when offering benefits coverage to their employees. Small and medium sized companies can still go above-and-beyond for their people while staying on budget by providing innovative voluntary benefits.

Most voluntary or supplemental benefit offerings will cost you little or nothing to offer while still providing great value to your employees. Many employees highly value certain benefits, such as dental, vision and disability insurance, making voluntary benefit offerings a great recruitment tool. Attractive benefits packages also help build loyalty and retention, reducing employee turnover and other associated costs.

Britton Gallagher has an in-house division focused entirely on voluntary benefits administration. We work with you to identify any gaps in coverages and provide access to comprehensive information on voluntary employee benefits to help you determine which options will improve employee attraction and retention.

Opportunity for Customizable Benefits Coverage

Supplemental insurance benefits enhance your employer-paid program and employees can take advantage of lower group rates, the convenience of payroll deductions and, in some cases, pre-tax deductions. Typically, employees pay 100 percent of the premiums with supplemental benefit products.

Non-insurance supplemental benefits may also be offered to add extra value to an employee’s overall benefits package. Many of these benefits are designed to offer simplicity, convenience or money-saving options to various aspects of employees’ lives.

Providing employees with access to voluntary benefits gives them options to enhance their coverage with supplemental health and insurance solutions, including:

  • Critical illness
  • Disability
  • Life or accident insurance
  • Telemedicine
  • Limited medical plan
  • Individual medical plan
  • Auto/home insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Identity theft insurance