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Workplace Employee Health and Wellness Services

There is no question that medical insurance plan claims are driving the cost of health care. Implementing corporate wellness initiatives can help manage your claims and control your employee-related health care costs. 

A wellness program will impact your company’s bottom line by:

  • Helping control rising health care costs

  • Increasing employee productivity

  • Increasing employee morale

Britton Gallagher has a dedicated, on-staff wellness director who works with clients to develop strategies to implement worksite health programs, ranging from basic to comprehensive 

We will help you:

  • Gather claims data, a needs and interest survey, health risk assessment aggregate results, prescription drug utilization, culture audit and other pertinent data. From this data we will make recommendations regarding the types of programs you may want to offer.

  • Build a strategic wellness plan that incorporates specific goals and objectives.

  • Support the implementation of the wellness plan with specific resources and communication vehicles.

  • Evaluate and refine the plan over time.


Client Spotlight: K & D Wellness Program

Nancy Raymond, Vice President of Human Resources for K & D, a property management company, discusses the expansion of the company's wellness program through their broker relationship with Britton Gallagher. With Britton Gallagher's support, K & D has implemented various wellness events including blood pressure checks, water warrior challenges, and weight loss iniatives.

The wellness program offers employees incentives and recognition for accomplishments along with the opportunities for full family participation in events like the 5k walk at the Cleveland Zoo. One of the biggest changes K & D has experienced is seeing employees more engaged in their healthcare. They are naturally making healthier choices, consciously or not, to improve their overall well-being.

At their annual benefit renewals, K & D acknowledges the employees' participation in wellness activities, appreciating the team effort it takes to create and maintain and health-conscious staff.

Designing and Managing Your Worksite Health Program 

We can customize a wellness program specific to your employees’ needs and health care data, and will deliver the tools you need to get a successful wellness program off the ground.

Employees can experience many potential benefits after joining a wellness program, including: 

  • Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem

  • Improved coping skills with stress or other health factors

  • Reduced risk for developing chronic or life threatening conditions

  • Easier access to health improvement programs and convenience can increase motivation to improve health

  • Improved overall health

  • Lower costs for health care (fewer doctor visits, perhaps lower premiums, less need for expensive care, etc.)

  • Access to needed social support, as coworkers strive toward healthier lifestyles as well

  • Improved job satisfaction

  • Safer and more productive work environment

The ideal corporate wellness program brings together employees from different backgrounds and helps them focus on making choices that lead to longer, healthier lives. The challenge is working through those differences to arrive at a plan that allows everyone the best chance to participate and achieve their own individual goals.

Our wellness director will also ensure your corporate wellness program is in compliance with both state and federal law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) and state discrimination laws will all impact the design of a wellness program.


What's the best wellness program for your business? Download our guide to determine your needs and resources.

Britton Gallagher Worksite Wellness Program Guide