PJ is a trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and businesses across the country, and a strategic business development partner at Britton Gallagher. He serves as head of Employee Benefits and a partner in the firm, serving on the board of directors.

PJ’s sweet spots are employee benefits and business development—he’s a builder, a strategist. He is someone clients trust completely to help them provide above-average benefits while keeping costs under control. 

He is well versed on the latest health care regulations and how they affect businesses and he guides Britton Gallagher to provide unique solutions for clients so they can continue to compete effectively, even in challenging circumstances.

His 18 years of experience in the insurance industry includes roles in acquisitions along with employee recruitment and training. He is a graduate of John Carroll University, where he earned a degree in English and a minor in communications.

PJ also serves on the Board of Directors for Rising Star Learning Center, a non-profit organization that teaches and rehabilitates motor disabled children with a unique method called Conductive Education.

Off-hours, PJ can be found at the Cleveland Italian American Organization (CIAO), where he is an active member. He is also involved at Divine Word Catholic Church. To unwind, PJ plays golf, exercises, travels and spends time with family.

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