Home invasions are more common than ever and are far more dangerous than a typical break-in

Unlike a burglary or robbery, a home invasion involves a criminal entering your residence when you are in the home. Home invaders are not deterred by alarm systems, door locks or barred windows, and do everything they can to enter the home and take full control.

Home invasions also tend to occur in more lavish neighborhoods with expensive houses. Criminals may choose their victims based on the type of car in the driveway, the jewelry that he/she wears or the way the home looks. In fact, the home invader may be monitoring the home owner for quite some time before striking to get a sense of his/her wealth.

During a traditional home invasion, the criminal(s) tries to enter the home as a repair worker or delivery driver. After taking control and tying up the homeowner or immobilizing him/her in some way, the criminal will search the home for valuables. They may also force the homeowner to locate valuables or open safes.

Home Invasion Insurance

Since your homeowners insurance policy does not provide protection from a home invasion, home invasion insurance is a must. These policies provide protection for people-related risks, such as abductions and injuries. Your homeowners policy will only provide coverage for loss or damage to your property.

Plus, a typical health insurance policy will only provide limited mental health coverage, which will most likely be necessary after experiencing a traumatic home invasion. These polices provide a financial safety net for accidental death, dismemberment and bodily injury during a home invasion. It can be added to a standard homeowners and health insurance policy to assure full protection against losses.