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Concierge Client Service

At Britton Gallagher, our private client service team still values the importance of the personal relationship with those we serve. Our risk and insurance advisors understand your needs may not fit the cookie-cutter mold provided by “off the shelf” insurance products. 

As a personal lines insurance broker, we offer a full range of automobile, home and life insurance solutions, along with loss prevention, health and safety tips to help minimize claims, reduce your personal risks and promote your well-being.


No Place Like Home

High-End Luxury Homes, Multiple Homes & Vacation Homes

Our team has helped clients secure appropriate coverages for various home situations, including high-end luxury homes, multiple homes, vacation homes and rental properties. 

Often the qualities that attracted you to these properties—such as its location—are the same ones that can make insuring it more costly. Depending on the location, features and planned usage of a home, the risk of natural disaster, or even the presence of a pool, you may find coverage difficult to obtain.

With our network of insurance carriers and experienced client service team, we can create innovative programs to ensure your multiple homes, rental properties and luxury homes are protected. As part of our personal lines broker services, we also provide guidance on ways you can maximize your coverage, while effectively managing costs.

Protecting Life in the Fast Lane

High-End, Luxury or Customized Vehicles and Collector Cars

For some, their car is more than a way of getting to their destination, it serves as an extension of themselves. Insurance coverage for custom, high-end, luxury or collector cars requires special considerations to ensure your vehicle and you are completely protected. 

Our team will evaluate all your vehicles’ factors and make recommendations based on your financial protection, car value and cost considerations. We can also make recommendations on how the usage of your cars can impact your liabilities and adjust coverages as needed.


Protecting the Past for the Future

Valuable Items, Jewelry and Other Unique Collection Coverage

A true collector understands the rewards of owning an original work of fine art, timeless antiques or other rare collectibles. If you own a large collection, or have a few high-value pieces, it is wise to insure your collection in a stand-alone valuable articles policy. 

The larger your collections become, the greater need you have for comprehensive coverage to protect your one-of-a-kind items. As a personal insurance broker, Britton Gallagher has specialized carriers which can provide the innovative and unique coverage for valuable items, jewelry, art and other high-value collections.

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