Innovative Risk Management for Life Science Pioneers

Evolving Risk Protection for a Growing Industry

The life science industry is evolving at a break-neck pace, with innovative technology leading the way for revolutionary advances in personal medicine, genomics, health care management and medical devices.

With the life science industry rapidly expanding, so are the many risks a growing organization can face as they secure resources and technology to bring their products to the marketplace. These companies need specialized insurance and risk management solutions to minimize loss potential and protect their financial future. More importantly, organizations that are developing innovative life science technology or products need a risk management partner who understands the unique, niched exposures start-ups and growing organizations may face as they expand their business.

For the past 30 years, Britton Gallagher has served as a trusted risk management partner for life sciences companies in all stages of development. From start up tech firm to fully operational implant manufacturer, we are our clients’ go-to resource to help navigate their specialized risk challenges.

Life Science Markets

Britton Gallagher’s Life Sciences practice includes the following specializations:

  • Medical Devices & Implants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare IT

As your risk consultant, we identify gaps, like those in commonly found in life science product liability policies. Many only insure against bodily injury or third party property damage, however, financial or economic injury losses are left uncovered. This exclusion creates a considerable risk for life science companies, however, through our specialized life science carriers, you have access to exclusive “claims made” coverage which protects you from economic injury.

With our decades of experience in this sector, we have established strong relationships with carriers that can provide tailored insurance programs for life science companies, including solutions for licensing agreements, joint ventures, contract manufacturers, vendor relationships and other considerations.

We can assist you in designing risk management strategy and a coverage program that meets your company’s specific coverage needs. Even if you already work with an insurance provider, we can review your current risk management strategy to ensure you have covered any potential gaps or advise you on areas in which you have too much or unnecessary coverage. Call us today at 216-658-7100 for more information.