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Benefits Plan or a Benefits Strategy

Year-Round Group Benefits Support

Employee benefits become a lot easier for business leaders to manage when a process is developed that takes the element of surprise out of the equation. Most businesses utilize a broker to identify the best insurance coverage and benefits plan for their employees. But these same companies often fail to take advantage of the services that a broker can provide to manage that plan throughout the year.

Our range of value-added services includes delivering you custom solutions for all of your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis, and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs.

 We anticipate change—in employee size, demographic, location—and offer innovative solutions so your businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

Taking the Pulse of Your Program

Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Surveys

Benchmark data can provide valuable insights for evaluating your benefit package, helping you conform to or even set industry standards. Analyzing how other companies are structuring their plans, and the strategies they are using to cut costs, may make your benefit plan decisions easier.

These decisions can make the difference between maintaining a competitive benefits package and seeing a decline in recruiting and retention of quality employees. By benchmarking benefits plan data, you have the resources to anticipate the shifting landscape and evolve before your competition responds.

Valuable benefit trend statistics and surveys are one of the core pieces of information that we provide to our clients to help support your benefit plan design strategy and decisions. These surveys and statistics provide benchmark data from leading consulting organizations around the country and cover the following topics:

  • Ancillary Benefits

  • Benefit Costs

  • Benefit ManagementiStock-522599495 [Converted].png

  • Health Care Costs

  • Health Care Reform

  • Health Plans

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Retirement Plans

  • Wellness Benefits

  • Vacation and Paid-Time Off

Understanding Your Plan's Cost Drivers

Utilization and Claims Management for Group Medical Plans

Our sophisticated analytics help us dig deep into your real claims data, to isolate specific cost drivers that we can address with targeted solutions to help manage high health care costs.

By pinpointing the who, what, where and why of a problem area, together we can implement strategic, effective solutions such as awareness campaigns, disease management programs, plan design changes, wellness initiatives and more.

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