Focus on Your Project,
Not Your Bond

Construction Surety Bonding

Even well managed companies are challenged by the unexpected and uncontrollable.

The construction industry is filled with elements you can't control, leaving you open to many business risks, including a canceled bond line.

Situations which can put your financial situation at risk include:

  • Unforeseen site conditions on a project which increase costs above original projections
  • Disputes over payment with an owner resulting in a contract termination
  • Misleading or incorrect project performance assessments missed by upper management until it is too late to correct

Should these or other events happen to you, if significant enough, they may lead to severe restrictions or termination of your bond line.

In a bond termination situation, you need to work with an agent who has various bonding options available to give you more flexibility and maximum bonding coverage while you focus on strengthening your business.

Express Submission Program

For performance and payment bonds of $350,000 or less.

Those who are eligible carry no more than $600,000 of uncompleted bonded work at one time and show favorable personal and business credit reports.

Learn more about the Express Submission Program

Surety Step-Up Program

A streamlined submission and approval process for contract bonds up to $1.5 million.

The SuretyBridge option offers fast response times and is available to companies which have a minimum of two years in business.

Learn more about the Surety Step-Up Program

Standard & Large Contractor

Bonding up to the largest available in the industry.

Bid, performance and payment bonds are available.

Single job and aggregate parameters considered based on the contractor’s needs, business and personal financial capacity, experience, organization and track record.

Learn more about the Standard and Large Contractor Program.