You've got a vision. We've got solutions to get you there.

A die-hard entrepreneurial spirit drives Britton Gallagher as an organization, and as individuals within our firm. We embrace the risk that delivers promise—and we help mitigate that risk for our venture capital and private equity clients seeking investments. We’re a true partner. That’s why our clients in this space trust us to provide them with clear direction so they can tap into the opportunities they envision the future will hold.

Your intelligent partner. Clients rely on us as a voice of reason in a risky world because we stay close to their industries, and close to the activity. By that, we mean we’re monitoring startup activity, watching the markets and we have feet on the street who are gathering intelligence so we can bring that insight to the table to assist clients’ decision-making. We know that 2012 was a tough year for global venture capital, with capital falling 20 percent and the number of rounds declining almost 10 percent. We come to the table with strategies to beat market challenges.

Guiding innovative strategy. We are deeply vested in education—learning is a passion for us. We take the time to dig deep and analyze the organizations we serve, and we carefully construct scenarios for them so they can make sound investment decisions. We know that today’s market favors investments in later stage businesses, and there’s hope that 2013 brings an upturn following a tough year in 2012 (venture capital investments fell to their lowest level since 2009). We’re there with clients through the good times and bad, designing solutions to help them mitigate risk and seize opportunities.

We understand your world. Britton Gallagher’s advisers are deep-rooted in niche industries where clients are heavily vested—life sciences, for one. We offer venture capital, private equity, corporate venture and angel investors a range of services design to help them succeed.