We know what's in store for the industry because we value informaton. Oour intelligence becomes clients' market advantage.

Players in the retail world face a wide inventory of risk, from dealing with complex shopping behavior to protecting consumer privacy and staying on top of ever-changing trends. It’s a cutthroat, low-margin industry, and Britton Gallagher’s advisers are deeply entrenched as trend-spotters, analysts, strategists and business-smart consultants. We partner with our clients in retail, wholesale and distribution to help them better understand their changing world and how to best protect their organizations against exposures.

We dig deeper. How can a company capitalize off of today’s retail consolidation and emerging markets? What opportunities exist for profitable growth? What is the best capital deployment strategy and how does risk transfer factor into that? Britton Gallagher helps clients answer these questions with solutions that specifically address their needs.

Catering to your niche. We do far more than provide an insurance program or cater a boxed solution. We work differently. We begin by doing a deep dive into our clients’ organizations to uncover exposures and identify areas that could require additional support. We work together with the management team to implement programs that complement their overall mission and vision. The last piece is the insurance program: It is a product of our diligent study and analysis of an organization to determine what solutions are truly needed to mitigate risk, contain costs and drive value for all stakeholders.

Providing global solutions. Retailing is one of the world’s largest industries, and competition has increased as the industry has expanded globally. Britton Gallagher is positioned to serve clients in all 50 states and across the globe. Our International practice supports these global initiatives, and we have partner advisers on location across the world.