W're there to help public sector clients achieve success in a tough new normal.

Navigating the complicated public sector is increasingly difficult in today’s tight fiscal times, as fundamental policy and programming shifts are introduced and government entities face ongoing pressure to contain and reduce costs. Adding a layer of complexity to an already tangled web: risks including avian flu, terrorism, environmental compliance, employment disputes, procurement compliance and corporate governance.

Britton Gallagher provides clients in the public sector with in-depth information on issues facing their specific industries. Client education is what we do best—we focus on listening, learning, distributing knowledge and advising clients on how a risk management program can be structured to alleviate the pains they face in this challenging business landscape.

Identifying emerging risks. We work closely with our public sector clients, advising them on special areas of risk that are facing their industries.

Navigating through sea changes. We help them understand how the government is changing and how they can adapt. In particular, cross-agency and cross-sector collaborations are key innovations led by government entities—cost-sharing and resource-sharing among agencies. We assist clients as they process how these shifts impact their organizations.

Embracing technology tools. Mobile technology and information analytics will continue to change the way government entities do business. The advent of tools such as tablets and smartphones can reduce costs and drive efficiency. We help our public sector clients stay on top of the latest trends, always with a mind toward managing their overall risk.