Heavy metal and natural resources clients rely on us to produce disk management and insurance programs to help them compete and thrive.

Stabilizing tough markets is an expertise for our industry segment experts. Britton Gallagher has experience working alongside executives in commodities-based industries like metals and mining, which can experience volatile economic riffs. We’re there for our clients during the good times and bad. And we establish a relationship where they know they can count on us to drive more value to their organizations through cost containment, risk mitigation, business planning and global positioning.

Move over, metals. There is pent-up demand in the metals market, specific to auto sales, which accelerated by 13 percent to 14.5 million vehicles in December 2012. This was the highest volume in the last five years. Meanwhile, construction is beginning to pick up after the recession. The American Institute of Architects projects a 5-percent increase in spending in 2013 for non-residential projects, with spending expected to boost by 7.2 percent in 2014. With this knowledge, Britton Gallagher helps clients develop progressive strategies for participating in this growth.

Mining opportunity. Cost inflation is a battle for this industry, with driving factors including: labor, energy, supply constraints and taxes. Players in this industry deal with higher input costs and the uncertainty of our global market. Britton Gallagher advises clients in this sector as they consider investment in energy assets to impact rising costs and look for ways to mitigate risk, in general. We are the world’s foremost risk manager for companies that produce the advanced, underground construction machinery and equipment used in mines.

Experience speaks. Britton Gallagher brings 60-plus years of experience partnering with clients in the mining industry. We have been involved in hundreds of tunnel boring projects around the world, including a four-lane highway through the heart of the Himalayas, a 10-kilometer subway tunnel through Hong Kong and the water system for Mexico City.