Forget pre-packaged insurance solutions.
We grew up in agribusiness — we sow our own.

Our people have bucked hay. We’ve carried irrigation pipe. We get depackaging, land application and beneficial reuse. We understand the pressures of comps, direct store delivery, and retailer scorecards. We’re different than other insurance advisers and risk managers because we’ve worn the boots. We have a personal connection with this industry, growing up on family farms and working for the largest agricultural lender in the country. Britton Gallagher provides resources to help agribusiness and food companies manage risk and drive profitable growth.

Operations first. Our process is a little different than most because we work from the inside out. By that, we mean we dedicate the time and resources to analyze our clients operations so we thoroughly understand every moving part. We dissect the organizational infrastructure, and we ask the tough questions. Then, we consider clients’ exposures and design a program that suits their needs. We believe that working from the inside out ensures risk management solutions that are truly meant for the organization as opposed to forcing a client into a pre-baked program.

Who we serve. Britton Gallagher’s tailored agri-business programs reach a wide audience of players in this industry because we feel comfortable advising the entire agricultural supply chain. We have intimate working knowledge of how the industry works. So we insure businesses at every stage in the cycle, including: firms that sell inputs to the farmer (seed, fertilizer, farm equipment), storage industry reps, processors, packagers and food equipment makers, wholesalers, distributors and logistics specialists among others.

A global resource. The food industry is undergoing transition in response to demographic trends and global competition. There are shorter product life cycles, and producers are working to win spots on the shelves with healthy foods and enticing new products. Meanwhile, there’s a global flow of investment in restructuring the food processing industry, and an investment in agricultural production, processing and retailing. Britton Gallagher has acute knowledge of agribusiness and can help clients expand their footprint worldwide and capture these financial opportunities while staying close to their roots and values.