Take Control of Benefits Compliance

Health Care Reform & Your Business

Many small and medium sized organizations struggle with the constant changes with state and federal regulation. As part of our services, clients have access to our in-house legal team who can advise you on the latest changes affecting your business. Our legislative experts have all the forms and resources you need to keep your business compliant with all levels of regulation.

With the Britton Gallagher online portal, you receive educational articles to help you understand important regulations and stay compliant. Our materials cover health care reform, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, state-specific legislation and more.

Compliance Resources & Support

Our clients also have the support of a community forum within the Britton Gallagher online portal. This provides them with a network with a vast, knowledgeable group of colleagues from all over the country to share resources and information, allowing them to post questions to peers and provide insight to others' questions.

Britton Gallagher also conducts compliance seminars led by legislative experts to keep you informed on the most recent reform changes, which could impact your business, your benefit options, and beyond. Our seminars are designed to help educate you on your compliance requirements and provide the opportunity for open discussion with our experts.

Health Care Reform Consultant

With recent regulations of the Affordable Care Act, the future health insurance and benefit landscape is sure to experience more uncertainty when it comes to businesses and compliance changes.

We are ready to answer your compliance questions on a variety of legislative topics and have all the forms, notices and disclosures to help you execute your compliance duties within their required deadlines.

Workers’ Compensation & Employer Paid Benefits

Today’s dynamic workers’ compensation industry is increasingly complex with regulations and reform, plus complicated classifications and ratings processes. Our clients trust us to manage their total workers’ compensation program so they can focus on what they do best: running their businesses and driving profitability.

Britton Gallagher’s specialized Workers’ Compensation division is comprised of specialists in workers’ compensation coverage who work closely with insurance company adjusters and help manage the claims process. What makes us different is our dedication to improving the workers' compensation claims process to save clients time and help them contain costs.