Industry & Niche Market Insurance


Each day, private and public companies are exposed to various types of risks and liabilities. Many risks are unavoidable and simply the cost of doing business.

Liability and risk exposures vary across all industries, especially in niche or specialty markets.

A risk management consultant experienced in your industry helps ensure your business is prepared and protected from common and not-so-common liabilities.

An Experienced Specialty Insurance Broker

The team at Britton Gallagher has a diverse background developing insurance and risk management solutions for many types of companies and individuals.

From our beginnings in real estate and property insurance, to pioneering liability coverage for specialty markets like pyrotechnics, we have built an agency that thrives on identifying your potential risks and developing solutions unique to your needs.

Comprehensive Risk Management Consultation

We go beyond mitigating client risk and work as an extension of your management team by helping to make valuable connections to other professional services and providing access to important business resources.

Browse through our list of industries for more specific details on our team’s experience and the available solutions.

If you have business in an industry that is not listed, contact us for more information-we are always looking to develop solutions for new markets!