About Britton Gallagher 

There is no question in today’s world; you need commercial along with private insurance coverage to protect your valuable business and personal assets from costly risk exposures.

The question becomes how do you determine what type of insurance coverage actually fits your specific exposures? And, how can you be certain there are not any other unidentified risks lurking to threaten the future of your business or the financial well being of your family?

The Difference Between Insurance and a Risk Management Program

Your insurance coverage should be one part of a multi-faceted, strategic risk management program guided by a trusted risk advisor who understands your exposures and advocates to protect your best interests.

Risk advisors monitor the marketplace for new risks, provide access to professional resources to assist in risk prevention and develop programs that give you the best insurance coverages and solutions.

As a privately owned insurance broker, Britton Gallagher has the experience, service-model and passion to ensure you have an active risk management strategy to plan, prepare and protect your interests.  

Commercial and Personal Risk Management

Our internal risk advisors have created programs for a wide range of clients across many diverse industry markets. We excel in providing exceptional risk management to unique businesses because we invest time, our people and expert resources to fully understand all the unique facets of the niche markets we serve. 

Britton Gallagher has built solid risk management programs for the following industries: 

We serve as an extension of your business team to provide a risk management strategy that supports your business objectives and makes certain we offer the best insurance solutions to match your specific needs.

Strategic and Tactical Risk Management Planning

You guide your business using strategic and tactical planning. Britton Gallagher takes the same approach in evaluating and preparing for your risk exposures.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy
  • Initiate underwriting submissions
  • Selection of potential insurance carriers and partners
  • Negotiation of program objectives
  • Presentation of program options
  • Implementation of loss sensitive program
  • Development of cost containment initiatives
  • Monitor and manage claims
  • Assist with claim settlement
  • Provide access to vital resources including compliance, legal and financial experts

We only recommend insurance coverages which address realistic exposures that could impact your business or personal situation and provide a range of options to help you execute control over as much risk as possible.

The Britton Gallagher team is composed of the best and most passionate people in the risk management business. Our rapidly growing team is made up of more than 80 of the most dedicated client service people to serve your emerging needs.

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